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How to order Curtains for our Bedroom online – Bedroom in a Classic Style

Posted on12/20/2018 by 21101
How to order Curtains for our Bedroom online – Bedroom in a Classic Style

 How to order Curtains for our Bedroom online –Bedroom in a Classic Style

The bedroom is a special place in our home. It is in the bedroom we rest, regain energy to have enough strength to face the private and career responsibilities of everyday. That is why it is important that the bedroom is arranged in harmony with our personality, and our character. Curtains and drapery are one of the most important elements of that arrangement. And so, a badly chosen curtains can influence our comfort, cause fatigue and a negative mindset towards our surroundings. Well fitted curtains in a bedroom makes us start every day well rested, in a good humor and with positive energy. After a whole day of intense work and struggles with everyday responsibilities, a well-prepared bedroom will bring relief and destress us. It will make it so we will easily fall into a relaxed state. In such a comfortable room we will spend time with pleasure reading out evening book, or a morning press with an aromatic, freshly made coffee.

Then from where to start thinking about curtains? Which curtains to choose? What color? What style? Patterned or plain? Double or single? Long or short? There are many questions that are worth thinking about before we take the right decision.

The most important question is the style that dominates our interior.

Which curtains will be fit the best if our bedroom has a traditional character?

Do we want space in our bedroom for a stylish bed? Antique commode? An old armchair a la Ludwick VX? A classic small vanity with a mirror in a stylish frame from grandma? If such a stylish bedroom agrees with our personality, for sure we should think about curtains in that style as well. Here perfect will be jacquard curtains, with classic patterns such as curtains Agata of Deco Belle collections, that are richly folded, hanged with stylish tassels. Perfect for such an interior jacquard curtains from collections Olimpia, Lavinia, or Amira. Attention of all classic style lovers deserve as well beautiful wool curtains from the Ginevra.

Curtains should be long, preferably from the ceiling to the very floor and should even lay on the floor. Here curtains with passementerie will be a perfect fit. All kinds of fringe and pompoms or beads will highlight the stylish character of the bedroom. For example, curtains from the collection AnnaMaria with fringes Milo and tassels Miranda is a great set, and the cream, timeless color will work for all interior colors.

Another solution is using curtains made from monochrome fabrics, like taffeta, or satin, or the most beautiful silk taffeta, decorated from all sides with classic fringes.

In a classic bedroom indispensable are double curtains, first sheer curtain, transparent, like voile or organza, which will cover the window during the day, lightly damping the intensity of light going into our bedroom and a second decorative, heavy curtain, which can function just as a beautiful decoration but as well for functional uses, covering the window when necessary.

Depending on the drapery style, the sheer curtains can be smooth, plain, without patterns, especially if the decorative curtain has an opulent pattern, here the curtain from the collection Adela will do a great job.

However, if our decorative curtain is plain without any patterns, it is worth it to try a pattern on the sheer curtains. Such perfect combination is a decorative curtain from the collection Claudia  with passementerie  Milo I in company of a sheer curtain from collection Fiori.

In a classical bedroom oftentimes appear lambrequins. Unfortunately, traditional lambrequins are less and less used, especially in newly built interiors in a classical style, which don’t have very high rooms. If our room has 260cm height or less, we don’t recommend using lambrequins, which will visually shorten the curtains and with that the room.

However, if we want to make sure to give a really classical style it is important to remember them. Bedrooms in antique buildings, estates or palaces cannot go without them. Deco Belle is one of the few artisanal ateliers today that offers its clients traditional lambrequins adhering to many classical styles.

An important aspect is the color of the curtains.

Curtains usually take up a lot of wall space if there is more than one window in the bedroom. That’s why its choice is so important, a large surface of curtains will cause the color to be dominating in the room. Colors are one of the more important elements that influence us in the room. Some aggressive colors cause irritation, overstimulation, increased activity and cause problems with falling asleep. It’s hard in such a bedroom for inner peace and relaxation. Others especially very dark colors can cause depression, sadness, apathy. It is easy to fall into a mood in such interiors. That is why in a bedroom we suggest using bright, calm colors. Colors which quiet down, relax and enter the body into a warm, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for rest and relaxation. It is why curtains should have bright colors in shades of cream, beige, as well as ivory. All these colors will fit perfectly in classical bedrooms, with traditional furniture in both natural wood and today’s more popular bleached wood. A great color have curtains such as Ginevra Pearl or  Cream, Camilla Pearl and AnnaMaria from Deco Belle collections.

Even if we want to give our bedroom a special color, it is worth it to use bright hues as a base color, and the more intensive color can be introduced in the form of small accents, such as tassels, a small pattern on the curtain or pillows.

And what about the functional side of our curtains?

Curtains are not just decoration, but also an important functional element. Curtains in the bedroom guarantee us intimacy and privacy from unwanted gazes of neighbors from across the street. Often, they also cover an unwanted view from the window. And most important in our bedroom, they can partially suppress noise from outside, isolate from cold or intense heat on hot days, or cutting off light such as blackout curtains, which let us peacefully sleep even during a very sunny day. In such a situation it is good to consider not just the beauty of our curtains, but also their functional value.

Size of curtains

Truly classical interiors are very high, often 3, 4 or even 5 meters high. Meanwhile windows can be much shorter. We should not constrain ourselves in just the height of the window. Curtains should be hung as high as possible, including molding on the ceiling and walls. The curtains should fall to the floor no matter the height of the windowsill, best if the curtains lie over 10 centimeters on the ground. The longer the curtains and the wider the more can lie on the floor. Here the principle is simple: the longer the curtain the more elegant it is.

The same rule applies to the width of the curtain in a classical style. It should be richly folded – with thick fabrics we fold it at a 1:2 ratio, and with thinner such as thin silk 2,5 – up to 3 times.

 Curtains in a classical style we hang on round, wooden or metal curtain poles, fixed usually to the wall. Their length is determined by curtain width. Curtain Rods are doubled, with two rods, one for sheer curtains, the second for curtains – drapery. Usually on one rod we hang 2 identical curtains: left and right. One rod per one window. Classical interiors often have not so large windows. Curtain rod should be appropriately longer than the width of the window, at least 25-30 cm from each side of the window. If our bedroom is very high and the windows are narrow, we recommend making the curtain rod even 50 cm longer from both sides: thus, both curtains have better proportions.

In low interiors the diameter of the curtain poles should bd 25-35mm, like coll. Elegante or  coll.Barocco    , but in the highest of rooms we recommend 50 and even 65 mm .

It is worth to think about other decorational elements, not just curtains – a stylish interior cannot miss a huge bed cover, cushions, or runner or serviette  over the commode. Its good to link the style and color to the curtains. Its also possible to use the same passementerie on both curtains and cushions. It will make a beautiful whole and underline the stylish character of the interior.

If you don’t know which curtains to choose for your bedroom, the best solution will be to send us pictures, and then we will help you choose your curtain as well as all additional decorations

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