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How to measure the drop for the Curtains

How to measure the Drop for new beautiful Curtains?

We kindly recommend the Curtains should be hanging to the floor, and they should even lay on the floor.

And as high as only is possible, regardless of the height of your window and the distance from the ceiling. This is what make your curtains look really elegant and luxurious.

If you have an existing curtain track or pole, please measure the drop from the track or pole till the floor, or if you want your curtains to lay on the floor - plus 8-10 cm, please look at the scheme.


If you don’t have any track or pole, check where it is possible to fix it, to the wall or to the Ceiling, and then measure the drop from this place till floor, or if you want your curtains to lay on the floor - plus 8-10 cm.


If you don’t want your curtains to lay on the floor, we recommended, that you will measure till 1,0 - 1,5 cm above the floor.


 If you are not sure, if you measured properly or not, you can first contact us, send by email the pictures of the windows, and the sizes of the windows, and the measure from floor till ceiling, we can assist you with decision of the final drop of the curtains.


Please notice, that our curtains can be made with a system which let you make a small adjustment to the level of hanging. That means that your curtains have a fixed drop, but the place where the curtains is hanging, could move up to 9 cm higher. This is very important, if your floor or ceiling or track, is not perfectly horizontal.


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