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Blackout Curtains, resting even during the day has never been so comfortable

Posted on03/08/2020 by 13948
Blackout Curtains, resting even during the day has never been so comfortable

Blackout Curtains, resting even during the day has never been so comfortable

Have you ever thought what a Curtain is?

It is certainly a furnishing accessory that, based on the type of model, fabric and color chosen, gives personality and taste to domestic environments.

Its practical utility is also undeniable.

While we have lunch with the family, we dance listening to our favorite song, we read the bedtime story to our children: the Curtains ensure privacy and intimacy in every room of the house.

So if we think about it, the Curtains represent the border between the internal world, the one in which our domestic routine takes place, and the external world, the one to which we all belong, but from which we need to detach ourselves to find peace and psychophysical well-being.

Preferring one Curtain over another, therefore, cannot be a random choice.

We at Deco Belle Boutique Online, thought of you, and would like to offer a wide range of Blackout Curtains among which you can choose, according to personal tastes and needs.

A shrewdness that must be double especially when it you have to buy the Curtain for the Bedroom, where privacy and good rest must be guaranteed 100%.

Which models to choose? Much depends on the style of your home.

The Blackout Curtains of the Elegante Collection, for example, are available in fabrics and shades that are suitable in chic living contexts, both Classic and Modern.

Let's start with the solutions proposed in neutral and passe-partout tones such as Beige.

Proof of this is the Elegant Curtain Valeria, handmade in jacquard fabric with a classic decorative pattern. You can find it also in the Curtain AnnaMaria and Curtain Olimpia models, which differ, however, in the nuance: the first is in Ivory-Beige, the second in Ivory-Off White.

The same color characterizes the Curtain Maria (also available in Curtain Gold-Blue) and Gaia Curtains.

Handmade, in Jacquard, but with a modern pattern ideal in more Contemporary furnishings.

The elegance of Ivory lights up with touches of Gold in the Curtain PaulaCurtain Silvia and Curtain Laurena.
In the first, we find a rhombus decoration, refined and essential, indicated in modern environments.
Large Golden flowers bloom on a delicate Ivory background in the Curtain Laurena designed to bring a touch of spring to the home all year round. Golden decorative motif on Ivory background is also present in Curtain Silvia.

Gold goes perfectly with the blue then in the Agata Curtain , with damask decoration.

Light Gold becomes the absolute protagonist, however, in Curtain Malvina.

Precious floral waterfalls magically descend from above. The same model is available in Curtain Light Silver-Pearl Gray.

From the preciousness of pearls we move on to that of corals with the Elegant Curtain Coral, precisely, which skillfully reproduces the unmistakable communities of small octopuses. A real dip in the bottom of the sea.

The same atmosphere is found, at least in name, in the Curtain Marina solution.
Rhombuses, streamers, DNA strands: have fun glimpsing what you like most in the modern shiny decoration that characterizes it.

Minimalism and essentiality, on the other hand, distinguish the Curtain Luca, with its striped pattern, always in Light Gray.

Do you want to give a feminine touch to domestic spaces? Then opt for the Luana Curtain and Tatiana Curtaina which, as their female names underline, are made in Pink.

But, if your intent is to have a Curtain that does not go unnoticed, point on alternatives with a richer decoration such as the Monte Carlo I Curtain or Louvre curtain, perfect in Baroque interiors. The first is proposed in Burgundy and Gold, the second in Blue, Gray and Gold effect.

All the Curtains in the Elegant Prêt-à-Porter Collection are handmade in Italy and made as Goblet Pleats Curtains . In other words, the pleats are sewn onto the Curtain, with a tailored finish, to give them a permanently hanged and uncluttered look.

The Curtains that can be purchased on Deco Belle Boutique Online can be completed with Blackout Linings, which do not allow any kind of light to filter through. They are therefore recommended in the Living Room, in particular in the TV area, and especially in the Bedroom, both in adults and in the kids ones, to enjoy a good rest, even in broad daylight.

Finally, they are recommended in all those places that are characterized by long periods of sunshine such as Dubai, the Cote d'Azur or Sicily, both in Private Homes and in Holiday Homes, Hotels, Yachts, to prevent the first light of sunrise can wake us up when we still want to sleep.

Deco Belle Boutique Online thinks about your every need and reaches you everywhere in the world.

Because each of you is important to us.

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